Odyssey Platform

Simplifying business through no-code solutions.

Powerful Automation Made Simple

Powerful Automation Made Simple

Connect all your devices, applications and departments without frustrating complexities. By eliminating the need to create unreliable ad hoc connections, the Odyssey Platform allows you to create collaboration pathways you can feel confident in–lowering your risk, automating your workflow and empowering your team.

Integrate Everything – Code-Free

Integrate Everything – Code-Free

Eliminate data isolation without compromising speed and efficiency. Odyssey is ready to run with over 4,000 different out of the box integration points–covering up to 70% of most companies’ technology stacks. Connect all your applications, systems and services without the need to write any code.

Increase Transparency. Improve Productivity

Increase Transparency. Improve Productivity.

Siloed data, swivel-chairing and broken communication are slowing down your team. With the Odyssey Platform, you can remove existing barriers to create a more streamlined business process. When data is easy to find, share and understand, your team can get more done with less stress.

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