The Odyssey HelpDesk

Issues are bound to arise when working with customers, fellow employees and technology, but a ticketing system can be complex, costly and challenging to set up. Odyssey HelpDesk tackles that necessary evil for you – providing a no-hassle solution to manage issues in your organization.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Odyssey HelpDesk utilizes a clean and simple web interface, as well as iOS and Android apps, allowing employees to enter, update and track issues without complex training.

Built-in Reporting and Communication

Highlight challenges and trends and keep stakeholders updated with Odyssey HelpDesk’s built-in reporting and email communication tools.

No Unnecessary Costs

Odyssey handles all your IT administration needs for you, without additional cost or expense. Odyssey HelpDesk covers system maintenance, backups, disaster recovery and service delivery, enabling your team to focus on improving your services.

Feature Packages

Odyssey HelpDesk is available in packages and prices that fit your organization:

Feature Free Startup Company Enterprise
Users 1 - 5 6 - 50 51-100 101 +
Storage 500 MB 10 GB 100 GB 1000 GB
iOS and Android Apps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Own Domain No No Yes Yes
Backup Downloads No No Yes Yes
Branding Powered by Odyssey Powered by Odyssey Powered by Odyssey Powered by Odyssey
with and Your Customizations
Support Level Basic (Email only) Intermediate (Email and App) Intermediate (Email and App) Advanced (Email, App and Phone, 24/7 Global Support)
Multi-Language Support Data Only Data Only Data Only Data and Apps
Reports None Basic Intermediate Advanced
Cost per month Free $5/month/user $50/month/user $150/month/user

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