Odyssey Edge Computing

There’s power in pushing the computing out of the central server room, and toward where it is needed most. It reduces total system latency, preserves bandwidth, and keeps valuable data where it’s secure. Odyssey Automation powers edge computing with the relentless simplicity that makes it fast and easy to adopt.

Machine Learning at Every Stage

Deployment Flexibility

You can deploy Odyssey wherever you need it, and it still does the job. Whether you are using Odyssey from your primary datacenter to remotely coordinate several different intelligent data sources and processes, or installed right alongside them, Odyssey is flexible enough to be deployed in the big datacenter, cloud, secure lab, or on site at a remote location such as your warehouse, refinery, or retail space.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Edge Data Transformation

Odyssey can perform complex data extraction, transformation, and insertion on a remote node without bringing the data to the Odyssey Core. This approach drastically reduces bandwidth from Odyssey to the remote nodes, and leaves the data secure and available on the systems that need it. In the current landscape where costs rise for data coming in and out of a cloud, this approach can bring big cost benefits.

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Data Lakes, Swamps, and Pipelines

There are some times down-streaming to a data lake or data swamp makes sense, and there are other times it pays to be particular. Odyssey supports all of these models. The same tools that provide local data transformation can efficiently package the information from multiple upstream sources to your data warehouse, data swamp, or data lake. Alternatively, you can be much more particular, and grab only what you need from different sources, have Odyssey combine them, and store them where you need.

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